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I’m Not There


I got a copy (a legal one) of the soundtrack “I’m Not There.” This is after seeing the film. My only comments are that watching Christian Bale lip sync Mason Jennings singing “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll” is an out-of-body experience. I love the ballad, though. No matter how many times I listen, it still breaks my heart, even if Christian Bale is doing it. It was a strange experience because for a moment I thought Bale was really singing. When I ripped the album (2 cd’s), I kept only two tracks, Mira Billotte’s version of “I Went Out One Morning” and Jack Johnson’s rendition of “Mama, You’ve Been on My Mind.” The bass riffs on “I Went Out One Morning” are so good that it’s worth downloading the track from iTunes (in my humble opinion). So is Billotte’s voice, which is otherworldly. Anyway, I liked the premise of the film–the idea of having six discontinuous Dylans–and the English actresses were special. Who could not fall in love with Julianne Moore? But, alas, it was next to impossible to see any real connection between the six actors and Dylan himself. I suppose, even in that, there is something Dylan-like. No trace of Bob Dylan in a film devoted to him.

December 22, 2007   Comments Off on I’m Not There