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Celestial Shamans

It was interesting today to hear Gordon D’Arcy talk about how the ancient Irish aligned stones to direct light on circular carvings to measure celestial events. I pointed out that the Anasazi at Chaco Canyon were very sophisticated practitioners of archaeoastronomy, but, for some reason, this was not well known. If you’ve never seen “The Mystery of Chaco Canyon,” narrated by Robert Redford, I suggest you do. The precision with which the Anasazi measured the movements of the sun and moon will blow your socks off.

February 1, 2008   2 Comments

Crossing seas of space…

hail2.jpgIt’s hailing today with gale-force winds. The storms blow off the sea in bands, beating against the windows (or against your body if you’re out on your bicycle) like the wrath of god. Minutes later it stops, and sometimes, even clears. Then, it begins all over with dark clouds hurtling toward Ballyvaughan from the mountain to the south. These are not like the all-day rains or snows I’m used to. It’s like being on some vast ship crossing seas of space to some forbidden world.

February 1, 2008   Comments Off on Crossing seas of space…