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A Simple Act of Kindness

The Internet connection at the hotel where I pick up my wifi is working at a crawl this morning. Of course, I’m not complaining, since it wasn’t working at all for much of yesterday. The feed to the village is distributed from Aillwee Cave via small dishes. (Visualize a number of cups and saucers tumbling through space like something from a Disney cartoon with a number of them breaking.) The more reliable service is via a portable telephone modem which plugs into your laptop, but, alas, this requires a one year contract.

The glass panel in the door opposite where I’m sitting in the hotel has been smashed. There are still traces of blood and, also, a large gash in the plaster where someone planted a forearm. I’ve been told it was the result of a fight, which occurred at 6:00 A.M. in the morning. Apparently, such fights are common in the pubs. Even though it went on for half an hour, the Garda wasn’t called. Because it was in a dark corner, the cctv cameras didn’t catch the action, so everyone is willing to put it behind them.

The cook here, whom I’ve chatted up from time to time, just brought me a free cup of coffee with two tiny biscuits. It’s black and delicious. It was totally unexpected. A simple act of kindness. How strange and wonderful it is to be alive.

February 4, 2008   1 Comment