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Martello Tower

It’s bright and clear today, but cold. The manager at the hotel just told me he’s resigning. He can handle the breakage, he said, but not the fact that the tradesmen never show up to fix anything. He said he’s going to take a trip around the world, something I’ve heard many of the Irish under thirty say, who have a hankering to get off the island for a while.

When it warms up, I’ll head up the coast on my rented bicycle toward Bell Harbour and Martello Tower, which I can see from my window here in the pub/dining room. It’s about a mile and a half as the crows flies (the crows here are gray and white and the ravens are black), but several miles along the road. One of the things I’ve learned in Ireland is that there is no straight line between two points.

I’ll have photos when I return, and will add them to this post. If you don’t hear anything from me, check at the surgery.

martello.jpgNaturally, the trip was longer and windier than I expected, but more fun and interesting for it. The tower was on a point of land which could only be reached by going five or six miles along the coast and then a mile or so into a peninsula which juts into the sea. I’m back at the Limestone writing about my adventure, but getting a pint is proving to be as difficult as seeing Martello Tower. The hotel’s pub is full of characters from “Waiting for Godot,” nodding back and forth, and speaking in a tongue I can’t understand. Perhaps I’m a bit tired. I’ll post some of the shots I took today under my Irish photos.

February 6, 2008   1 Comment