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Posts from — August 2008


Guys playing splat ball
Calmly assessing a kill
As if it were real.

August 31, 2008   Comments Off on 84


Bone-rattle of wings
As dark pigeons flee the ground
Where you lie buried.

August 29, 2008   Comments Off on 83


With each passing day
Your footprints shrink in the sand
Where we stood and kissed.

August 27, 2008   Comments Off on 82

Acting the Fool

As penance
For calling some curly-headed shit in a sleek Bimmer
A pendejo—and worse—in the heat of the moment
Not remembering the Spanish gerund
That best expresses “having no cojones,”
I’ve sentenced myself to
Pulling weeds in the front yard.
Wow, I never knew there were so many:
Quack grass, two kinds of fake clovers, dandelions,
Bitter vetch, pokeweed, crab grass, chickweed,
And ones with big leaves and bulbs
That have to be dug out like tiny trees—
The proverbial errors of a lifetime.
So many sins, so little time.
Crawling around on my hands and knees
Has given me plenty of time to think:
The cabron said I was too old to act in this way,
And, of course, he was right,
But he’s just a snot-nosed kid too young to know
That I’ll leave the world as I was in my twenties.
Fuck them! Fuck them all!

August 23, 2008   Comments Off on Acting the Fool


It only matters
That I understand myself—
Not that others do.

August 22, 2008   Comments Off on 81

The Great Gonzo

A great glowing hand with two thumbs,
Yellows glasses like windshields
A grave monument that spewed ashes
A gold cigarette holder permanently in his mouth
Drunk from sunrise to sunset
Drugged out of his skull,
The great Gonzo himself,
Who perpetrated the ultimate dirty trick
On Muskie that was really a joke
America was too stupid to get.
Is it tragedy when you’re so angry you can’t understand
That they’ve got you by the balls,
And you can’t make an impression
No matter what you do
Or what you say
Or how desperate you are
To prove them wrong?
Rest in peace, you stupid shit.

August 18, 2008   Comments Off on The Great Gonzo


Beyond childish now
Aimlessly jabbing the keys,
A worn-out old man.

August 17, 2008   Comments Off on 80

It’s the Waiting…

It’s the waiting that drives me crazy,
The gaps, the blank spots,
Ponds with nothing in them,
Threadbare carpets, old people,
Abraded sandpaper, graffiti,
Nails drawn across a board,
A patch of bare skin.
I live in a scouring barrel,
That eats my flesh and freezes my brain,
While I’m tumbled and scraped to the bone,
Waiting for my muse to come.

August 15, 2008   Comments Off on It’s the Waiting…


Because I watch you
Exploiting my weaknesses,
I find a way out.

August 13, 2008   Comments Off on 79


Peru or Peril?
The last letter was obscured:
But I went anyway.

August 13, 2008   Comments Off on 78