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Posts from — November 2008


On my walk today
I heard footsteps behind me
And turned to find You.

November 30, 2008   Comments Off on 133


After the warm spell,
The ice has stretch marks, gooseflesh,
And can’t hold its shape.

November 29, 2008   Comments Off on 132


The leaves have fallen
But the black berries have not:
Even birds shun them.

November 28, 2008   Comments Off on 131


Words fly from the void
Appear in the minds of men
And return transformed.

November 28, 2008   Comments Off on 130

…Because Death Seeks Him at Every Turn.

Kali deputized him
To be a one-man wrecking crew,
A destroyer of egos,
Her own personal angel of darkness,
And he took his responsibilities seriously,
So seriously in fact that
He laid waste entire nations,
Murdered millions,
And became the world’s most hated man,
And for this,
At her whispered urging
Like a former East Block dictator
In a secret executive order
He gave himself the Medal of Freedom
To be awarded posthumously…

November 26, 2008   Comments Off on …Because Death Seeks Him at Every Turn.


Tossing chunks of ice,
The boy stares in rapt wonder
At the sparkling lake.

November 26, 2008   Comments Off on 129


Masses of robins
Scavenge the thick leaves for bugs
Before flying south.

November 26, 2008   Comments Off on 128


Crows test a new quilt
Of the most subtle design
Spanning the sleek lake.

November 25, 2008   Comments Off on 127


Even the prophet
Is pickled and caked with brine
And never tastes it.

November 24, 2008   Comments Off on 126


Grumbling, roots exposed,
Struggling to maintain her form,
She flips me the bird.

November 23, 2008   Comments Off on 125