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Robocalls from Charities

After getting endless robocalls from the Minnesota Disabled Vets (they call again and again like relentless zombies), I contacted their offices here in Minnesota several times but had to leave messages (I could never reach a real person), tried to redial the number where the call originated (sometimes sneakily masked with the number 555-555-5555), and, also, inquired about getting on the do-not-call registry (but the Vets are exempt because they’re considered a charity). After weeks of futility, I finally called Qwest, my phone provider, and asked them what they could do. Fixing the problem was easier than I thought. They added a feature called “security shield” to my caller ID that forces the caller to enter their real number (a bit difficult for a robocaller) for the call to be completed. So the madness is finally over. It does raise a few questions, though, about the ethics of an organization that allows no option to removed from their calling list.

April 11, 2009   1 Comment