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Sniffing for my scent,
The round-eyed does watch me pass
With limpid stillness.

April 18, 2009   Comments Off on 182

In Treatment

Once in a while an intelligently written, acted, and directed series comes to television—like The Wire, The Sopranos, Damages, or In Treatment—and you get blown away by it. Because most television and films are trite (formulaic, predictable, vapid, unreal, and sophomoric…add as many pejorative adjectives as you like here…), it always comes as a pleasant surprise to find drama that engages one’s attention from beginning to end, raises real issues, and contributes something to one’s life—in some way teaches you things you didn’t already know. In Treatment is such a series.

Because the lead psychologist is male (Gabriel Byrne with his lovable Irish twang), I sometimes feel as if I’m going through therapy myself (or going through whatever he’s going through). Granted, I do have an overactive imagination, but, in watching the series, I have unearthed issues I didn’t know I had. By the way, that’s what drama is supposed to do. It raises the bar. It probes your psyche. It gives you insights into your own character you may have missed.

The screenshot above shows Byrne with Dianne Wiest, his mentor and personal ball-breaker, who, not always nicely, slashes through his illusions.

April 18, 2009   Comments Off on In Treatment