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A Jumble of Forms

This jumble of forms is another sculpture I created from something else. It was originally two pieces my wife did for Arnold Flaten. She never finished them and said I could modify them if I stayed true to her original intention. I did, and the forms are really hers, not mine. It is now three pieces, though it’s impossible to tell where one ends and others others begin. Many of my sculptures are like this, forms that fit or interlock into one another anyway you choose.

July 24, 2009   Comments Off on A Jumble of Forms

John, what is it you see?

On my walk today, I encountered a slight, thin older man riding his bicycle back and forth on the path behind a couple of expensive homes between the lakes. I asked him what it was that interested him. He said he loved the space and often stopped to look at it. When I wondered why, he pointed to the statue of a saint in one corner, to another place where there might once have been a driveway, and then to a kind of arched passageway through the evergreens to a house higher up. It was evocative of something, though he wasn’t sure what. I asked whether he was Catholic, and he said he was, and then noticing his familiar brand of humility and intense blue eyes, I asked if he was of Irish ancestry, and he told me he was. He had been an accountant before he retired, has glaucoma and trouble seeing, but loved his visits to Dublin, where, he said, he lost track of time on his first night there and went down to breakfast at 7:00 in the evening. He could tell me this because he didn’t know me and would probably never see me again. He didn’t drink, he said. The famine was terrible. His family were from Sligo.

John was charming, easy to get on with, and Irish to the core, even though he’s several generations removed from the old country. I wonder what it is he sees in that magical space he loves so much.

July 24, 2009   Comments Off on John, what is it you see?