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“Run Honey Run” by John Martyn

I didn’t do this, of course, but stole it from YouTube. The reason I went looking for it was because it is the background music to a BBC documentary about the loss of bees across the world. Every class of herbicide, pesticide, and fungicide are found in bees. This cocktail may very well be affecting their navigation systems. They can’t find their way back to the hives and die. Try to imagine what this cocktail is doing in our own bodies. It turns out the problem is monocultures, large crops covering thousands of acres, like almonds in California, created by destroying the natural habitat and kept in place only through large doses of water, fertilizers, and pesticides. The almonds depend on being pollinated by honey bees that are transported thousands of miles on trucks to do their jobs. Of course, we’re doomed to extinction. We’ve doomed ourselves. No populist movement will save us, nor any individual, because our government (and almost every other government of the world) is in the hands of those who have created this situation and benefit from it. So, run, honey, run and hide in the wind.

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Swedish Defending

Swedish Defending

After being benched and released by Fulham, it’s nice to know that Carlos Bocanegra is playing well at left back for Stade Rennais in Ligue 1. He covers well, delivers pinpoint crosses, overlaps when it’s on, is in the box on set pieces, and is solid in back. I wonder why he sometimes looks out of place with the U.S. national team. Perhaps, as captain, he tries to do too much. In Stade Rennais, he plays alongside the Swedish defender, Petter Hansson, who lost his pants recently during the match with Lens. I’ve never seen that before, not even with the groups of gangly kids with XL shorts I used to coach. My dad, being a good Norwegian, would call it “Swedish defending.” In fairness to Petter, it’s quite possible that the number 22 had something to do with it.

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Bitter history
Aggrieved by inventing tales
Of venality.

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