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Denver Art Museum


I spent an hour and a half in the Denver Art Museum (with two buddies), purposefully eschewing its cheesy collection of western art so that we could take in their modern collection. There were some nice pieces there, and I took photos of my favorites (which are allowed as long as the museum owns them). If you’re interested, you can find them under Denver Art Museum in my Photos.

If you’re feeling brainy, see if you can guess the artists. Some are easy, since I included the plates with the art. Some are almost impossible to identify. (Naturally, the African pieces don’t have recognizable artists.) Some are very characteristic of the artists’ work. For example, see if you can identify the Sandy Skoglund piece (clue: it’s red and gray and plays on perceptual opposites) and the Kiki Smith sculpture. Kudos if you do.

November 7, 2009   Comments Off on Denver Art Museum