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Football Rankings (Un-FIFA-Style)

Nate Silver, the statistics guru of baseball,, and political polling fame (he nailed the last presidential election) has worked with SI to redefine world football rankings. He calls his scheme the Soccer Power Index (SPI). His results are here.

Intuitively, they seems much more accurate than FIFA’s. Naturally, Brasil and Spain are rated first and second, England is rated third, and the United States fourteenth. Nate says the SPI is designed to be predictive. Of course, anything can happen on a football pitch, but it will be interesting to see how well it predicts the winner of next summer’s World Cup, or, for that matter, next Wednesday’s match between the U.S. and Denmark, which is listed in twenty-first place in the SPI. Go Nate!

November 12, 2009   Comments Off on Football Rankings (Un-FIFA-Style)