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No vale nada

The entry entitled “Ghost Dog” below may seem like a poem, but it’s actually a review of Jim Jarmusch’s latest film, The Limits of Control, another in a series of beautiful, empty pieces by the auteur signifying nothing. Of course, that is the whole point. The message isn’t conveyed by the film, it is embedded in it. Luckily, Jarmusch has a cult following (I number myself among them), otherwise, he would have to fall back on his music. So, it only seemed natural to write my review of his elliptic, repetitive film as a garbled poem.

November 16, 2009   Comments Off on No vale nada

Cindy Lauper and Windows 7

I feel like Cindy Lauper. Grey is my new black. After only a few days, I managed to corrupt my copy of Windows 7. Hey, it’s a talent, not a shortcoming. I tend to do everything wrong the first time. Windows got to the point where it wouldn’t even recognize its own Windows Live programs. So, of course, I had no choice but to rebuilt the system from scratch.

I enlisted the aid of Dell, though it wasn’t hard. You simply bring up your machine in safe mood and nuke it. It was the weekend, so the support guy was probably from the Philippines. He was very polite and smart. Interestingly, he used my moment of vulnerability to try and sell me extended software support. “I’ll talk to my manager and get you a better price,” he said, while I started laughing in the background. There are no depths to which some companies will not go to sell you stuff. I declined. When I inquired about Rapidboost, a facility for supposedly speeding up disk access, he tried to sell me a new card reader for various kinds of media. “Hey,” I asked, “what about the four card reader slots on the front of the computer? Or using USB?” He had no answer for this, but I didn’t blame him. He probably gets a commission on everything he sells.

Of course, the real fun began when I reinstalled my programs and customized Firefox. You never realize how much shit you have on your computer until you rebuilt it. It took hours. Probably not unlike the routine Cindy goes through with her makeup.

November 16, 2009   Comments Off on Cindy Lauper and Windows 7