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The Local

Dan Eberle wrote and directed an amazing, though distinctly amateur film called The Local, which is even more frighteningly visceral and wacko than Lars von Trier’s horror extravaganza, Antichrist. The film is hard to describe. Kind of like a Vin Diesel character in Brooklyn playing Billy Jack on steroids. All the blood and gore you could ever want. Lots of pathos and horror, too. The film would be a tosser if it weren’t so skillfully held together by Eberle’s flawless performance as a down-and-out drug courier trying to do the right thing in a milieu controlled by pushers, pimps, and killers. The fractured photography echoes this fragmented shadow world perfectly. Maybe our man Diesel is in trouble. We all love a new and unique hero. I’m curious to see what Dan Eberle will do next.

November 25, 2009   2 Comments