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The Kids Are All Right

A film worth watching by anyone who imagines that non-traditional families are different from their own. Both contain the same sets of problems, difficulties, and joys. The sexual orientation of the partners means nothing. The children adopt whatever orientation is stamped into their brains by their genes and life goes on.

Great roles for Mark Ruffalo as the gene-donor father, Annette Benning as the conservative, more dominant lesbian partner, and Julianne Moore holding it together at the center of everything with her élan as an actress–though I did feel she had trouble with a couple of lines. (Of course, even this is fascinating. When was the last time Julianne Moore had trouble with lines?)

In sum, a memorable, funny, sometimes sad film, definitely worth seeing. It underscores the fact that ultraconservative politicians cannot turn back the tide of time. The changes that began with the sexual revolution cannot be undone. If only these folks could get their heads around the notion that all of us are the same, it would be much less painful for everyone.

November 6, 2010   2 Comments