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Today’s Quiz

What is the name of the smiling American painter (pictured to the left) who abandoned his country at a young age never to return, was deeply influenced by Courbet, was an infamous bon vivant, rake, and argumentative, contrary fool, who painted his mother in a drab black-and-white style which his contemporaries thought was wholly inappropriate, and, who like another American, Andy Warhol, changed the world of art (and advertising) forever?

November 11, 2010   2 Comments

Visiting the Peace Garden

This morning in the middle of her run, my wife made a detour away from the lake through the Rose Garden and then, farther afield, to the Peace Garden, a rather cheesy spot created by the Park Board several years ago with imported rocks and a bridge over a pond in the manner of a Japanese garden. I liked the way it was before—a barren place with hard scrabble rocks, a grassy knoll with nothing to recommend it, a stretch you might walk through on the way to the Bird Sanctuary.

As is often the case with my wife, her reaction was totally different from mine. Simply being there this morning instilled the notion that you can find peace any moment you want. It is a garden of the mind.

How simple it is, she said, if you take the time look for it.

November 11, 2010   Comments Off on Visiting the Peace Garden