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End Game

Why is our friend Jeff Novitzky in France talking with French cycling officials? Because he’s desperate and needs more information? I doubt it.

One must not assume that Novitzky’s case is weak at this point and that he’s thrashing around for something that will stick, but, rather, he is looking for facts that will underpin the eyewitness testimony he has already obtained. The man has an ulterior motive as well.

Novitzky will never create a case that will convince an American jury of Armstrong’s guilt, especially if it revolves around knowingly defrauding his employers by taking performance enhancing drugs. What Novitzky will succeed in doing, however, is knocking down the house of cards on which Armstrong’s reputation is based. He will do this by convincing the French—who really need no convincing, only facts—that they should nullify Lance’s Tour de France victories.

Wait, just wait, for the guillotine to fall.

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My direction lay
On the far side of the stream:
Beyond refreshing!

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