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Buying a Pineapple

The weather is warm and humid, but not hot, with a mild breeze coming off the ocean. A woman came by with a container of tamales and another with rolls for breakfast. Tourism is essential to the economy, though there are as many Mexicans here on holiday as Americans. Life is hard for most Mexicans, though there is still a friendliness and gentle decency distinctly different from many Americans, who are normally competitive and calculating at all times. The drug culture seems not to have spread as far as this ocean paradise, though I did notice the police frisking four or five young guys at the beach yesterday. Like the other parts of Mexico I’ve visited, Sayulita is both beautiful and squalid at the same time. The trick, of course, is to accept it as it is, and not place one’s own cultural blueprint over it. The Americans we’ve met love coming here, many for decades. Perhaps as our host suggested yesterday, there is hope for us after all (though I doubt it).

This morning we walked along the beach to town, through the open air market (where I was sorely tempted by a packet of Cohibas), to the town square, and then to the edge of the arroyo, which recently flooded, wiping out the main bridge into town. Near the river we bought a pineapple from the best fruit and vegetable shop in town. The owner demanded that I take his picture, so I obliged (I left him in the shade, though).

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Morning Fishing

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