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Macho Man

In the afternoon the beach was one long promenade of men in trunks and women in bikinis, chatting, swimming, sitting on lawnchairs in the beachfront restaurants, exercising, and surfing. It was Sunday and everyone was out, I among them, sitting on the sloping shore with my legs crossed, watching my son catch the waves. It was meditative. The surf is hypnotic, especially in those magical moments when the undertow sucks every last drop of water from the sand. It takes your thoughts as well.

Perhaps I was too still and unmoving, for, suddenly, a 30-something guy, small and wiry, began doing headstands a few feet from me, and then a series of flying karate kicks. He seemed to want to take my head off. Soon he forced his older male pit bull on its back and invited his pup to attack it. He egged it on. They kept getting closer and closer. I ignored them, which only caused the man to renew his efforts. Such displays of manly virility must be admired.

Next, he took his surf board, kneeled on it like a panther, and paddled into the waves until he reached the most distant line of surfers. There he easily caught a wave that swelled higher than the others, and I watched as he rode flawlessly to shore, right onto the beach itself. Once there, he stood erectly and looked around, seeming to invite applause. There was none.

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Fruit in the Market

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