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There’s Crazy and CRAZY!

Yesterday the online edition of Vanity Fair had a frightening article about Dennis Quaid and his wife, the drug-addled, paranoid couple who are fleeing assassination at the hands of the Hollywood Wackers. You know, the ones who kill famous actors for their insurance. The pair are in Canada seeking asylum. It would be funny if it weren’t true. No doubt you get that crazy if you snort crushed Darvon, cocaine, and anything else you can get your hands on. I’ve always thought a little bit of paranoia is a good thing. It makes life interesting. As much as the Quaids have, though, forces the demons to reconstruct the world to fit the insane images arising in your mind, and for these two, it is incarceration or death, whichever comes first. One hopes Dennis, at least, will “dry out” and restart his acting career. Who better to play the doped-up actor following his certifiable wife on a path through madness? Oh wait, maybe Johnny Depp could do it.

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More cunning than skilled
Wrapped in a cloak of magic
You could see straight through.

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