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I learned a new piece of slang today—fugue—“a state … entered after the mass consumption of a reality changing substance … while in this state, the affected person will behave in an extremely erratic way, often making little or no sense and will lose most or all of their motor skills.”

Wierd, huh?

How did the word “fugue,” a complex and interesting musical structure, devolve into an expression of being drunk, drugged out, or mad? I love it.

December 8, 2010   Comments Off on Fugue

Robin and His Merry Band

Robin Hood has been arrested by the Sheriff of Nottingham and put in a prison cell in London. His Merry Band are still out there stealing from the rich and giving the poor, and have been joined by millions of supporters worldwide. He and his followers represent the most viral challenge to our government since the riots at the Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968. Daniel Ellsberg thinks this is a repeat of the Pentagon Papers, but it is not. By the time he got around to leaking those documents, most of us already knew that the war in Vietnam was a bright shining lie. He only underscored what was already obvious—that our government would go to any lengths to obscure its real purposes in the world.

But this is different.

The WikiLeaks’ leaks create instant transparency and threaten to reestablish democracy in a world that had effectively killed it. How ironic that a disgruntled Aussie with enough personal baggage to make him unemployable in any country of the world should threaten our government in a way that no terrorist could. It is important to be clear about this. The one thing our government cannot stand is transparency. The only thing it will not tolerate is true democracy. To expose its lies and machinations is tantamount to giving control back to the people and that it will not do.

I’m afraid this new Robin Hood will not be as fortunate as Daniel Ellsberg. I very much doubt he’ll be around to tell his story in old age.

December 8, 2010   Comments Off on Robin and His Merry Band