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Posts from — April 2011


With slim grace, she dove
Into the dry pool and found
Her inner goddess.

April 28, 2011   Comments Off on 330

Ode to Pain

If your mother were Sylvia Plath
And insisted on
Openly discussing her means and methods
The one sharp knife in the house
Rejected because someone would have to clean up the mess
Or the pistol that had been inadvertently hidden and not found
Or, best of all, the antifreeze and carbon monoxide poisoning
She used in her last failed attempt,
And you could not dissuade from her purpose
No matter what you said,
How would you react?
Except to embrace the void that is her life
And the numbing pain that owes its existence
To the man who is your father.

April 27, 2011   Comments Off on Ode to Pain

Royal Condoms

While drawing shots from a well-used Italian espresso machine this morning, my barista wondered how to procure a packet of Kate and Andrew condoms. He imagined a picture of the royals kissing at the lubed end. I laughed out loud. It was a strange way to come to full consciousness on Easter.

Of course, when one thing ends, another begins. It is how it is in this life. There is no stopping, at least, not for long. Consciousness is a river that never repeats itself, though we imagine it does. Earlier, when I had actually woken up, after a series of desultory dreams about me as a tarnished hero, I thought, as I often do, we are responsible for what happens to us, not the other way around. It is mind-bending proposition, since we seem to have little control over anything, especially our thoughts. We always imagine ourselves to be the hapless playthings of fate.

Would having intercourse with a Kate and Andrew condom be more intense than normal? I’m thinking it would. One could imagine coupling royally. Of course, it would all be downhill from there. As Christopher Hitchens advised Kate: Run as fast as you can!

I’m hoping Kate will become another Diana, who grew lovelier and more feminine each time she rose above her circumstances. Literally, the most beautiful woman in the world until her tragic death in Paris. Was Diana responsible for her gruesome death at the hands of a drugged and drunken driver? According to my theory, yes. But how can that be?

Al-Fayed certainly didn’t think so. He claimed the royals had conspired to kill his son because of his origins. Huge projection there. Amazing really. But that’s what living in England does to you, even if you are as fabulously wealthy as Al-Fayed. You never feel good enough. Though it hardly matters. He’s given us Fulham FC and a great statue of Michael Jackson.

By the way, there is a very amusing article in The Guardian about Hitchens, written by his friend Martin Amis, in which he transforms this loathsome, objectionable man into a kind of modern saint. Oh, if I only could write as well as Amis, I’d have the world at my feet.

April 24, 2011   Comments Off on Royal Condoms


The ancient birds fly
From tree to tree, calling out
God’s eternal name.

April 21, 2011   Comments Off on 329


Not wanting the day
To end, I engraved your name
On the bough of night.

April 19, 2011   Comments Off on 328


The fire still burns
Where I piled up the branches
That you had cut down.

April 18, 2011   Comments Off on 327


No longer able
To hallucinate, Rudra’s
Now perma-tripping.

April 13, 2011   Comments Off on 326

The Green Man

Oh to be a Green Man
With roots of life growing
From the corners of my mouth
A part of nature
Not ruled by logic
Or temped by faith
Not a relic of the mind
Or something imagined
But a person with real purpose.

April 10, 2011   Comments Off on The Green Man

Simple Arm and Leg Raises

In my yoga class, we always start slowly with simple stretches and asanas until most of the muscle groups in our bodies are warmed up. Today my instructor put us on all fours, which he calls “tabletop,” and had us raise the opposite arm and leg in the air while supported by the other two. It seemed simple enough—I’ve done it before—but today it was impossible for me. I flailed around like a wounded gull.

Finally, noticing my weird movements, the instructor looked at me and smiled ruefully, “You’re trying to lift the arm and leg on the same side of your body. It’s never going to work.”

We both had a laugh.

“It’s the story of my life,” I said.

April 8, 2011   Comments Off on Simple Arm and Leg Raises

Kudos to the Tribune

The StarTribune recently updated its website, which is a good thing, since the old site would actually “hang” your brouser. You would click on an article, the article would not appear, and then, even worse, the brouser could not be diverted from its task of finding it no matter what you did (hitting return, trying to change sites, even trying to shut down the browser entirely). This dysfunction seemed in keeping with a paper that had embraced conservative pundits in an attempt to change its image from being “liberal.” I’m hoping with the upgrade—the new site is fabulous—that the StarTribune will quietly push its most vocal Karl Rove types with their 1984 logic into the background. They don’t belong on this shiny new website.

April 7, 2011   Comments Off on Kudos to the Tribune