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Posts from — April 2011


Black hole in the sky
Where a crow had flown in haste
Swallowed by the night.

April 6, 2011   Comments Off on 325

I’m Ready for You, Man

I saw a billboard yesterday that said Christ is coming in May. I had to laugh. If only he would. It would be a hell of a lot better than how things are playing out.

In high school I carried around copies of The Stranger and The Plague by Albert Camus, and after reading them realized that these were novels firmly rooted in philosophy. It was as if their author had clothed his ideas in the vestments of fiction. In a way, they were more powerful because of it. His points were unmistakably clear.

Of these novels, The Plague left the strongest impression on me. When the prospect of immediate death is ever present, as it was during plague years, most human beings abandon all forms of morality and take the low road, living out their most debased fantasies. No form of depravity is excluded.

We are living in such times ourselves. Most 20- and 30-somethings do not believe they will die natural deaths. And why should they? We have polluted and overpopulated the earth to the point where our ecosystem is dying. In truth, we passed the point of no-return decades ago. Anyone with half a brain knows that if the ecosystem dies, we will die right along with it, probably violently.

We have become characters in a novel by Camus. Solipsists. Narcissistic black holes. Totally self-centered individuals rushing from one form of immediate gratification to the next. Few now take the high road, though there are some who do. Interestingly, it is against these individuals that conservatives unleash their fiercest attacks. Ironic, isn’t it, to have a political party in power that actually hastens our demise.

So, come on Christ. I’m ready for you, man.

April 6, 2011   Comments Off on I’m Ready for You, Man