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Posts from — July 2011


July 31, 2011   Comments Off on Senna

Nostalgia de la luz

Even though I don’t agree with its premise (that there is no present), this is, quite simply, one of the most moving and beautiful films I have ever seen.

There is one story in the film that is particularly memorable. In Pinochet’s camp in the middle of the Chilean desert, one man, an artist, made meticulous drawings of the compound each night which he ripped into small pieces and destroyed, so that when he was finally released he could redraw and publish them so that the world would never forget what happened there.

July 28, 2011   Comments Off on Nostalgia de la luz


Unmoved, unmoving
Focusing attention on
The space between thoughts.

July 28, 2011   Comments Off on 353


We’ve hidden away
Our most immediate past
To become zombies.

July 27, 2011   Comments Off on 352


Facing the blank wall
All my days run together
And there is no night.

July 23, 2011   Comments Off on 351


She is potential
Waiting, always balancing
Herself with her will.

July 21, 2011   Comments Off on 350


It will lead nowhere
And accomplishes nothing
Therefore, perfection.

July 21, 2011   Comments Off on 349


In discussing the Roger Clemons case, Buzz Bissinger in The Daily Beast pinpoints the reason why Clemons, Barry Bonds, and Lance Armstrong have been targeted by prosecutors: “They [the prosecutors] represent themselves, craving high-profile cases with high-profile names that with a guilty verdict can lead to a corner office at some white-shoe law firm and a great deal more money. They are like grandiose taxidermists mounting animals on the wall…” These investigations, grand juries, and subsequent prosecutions are not about justice, but are, rather, vendettas tailor-made for an American public that craves to witness the destruction of sports heroes who are deemed too overweaning and aggressive. Clemons, Bonds, and Armstrong all fit this profile—athletes who were uncompromising in their approach to the game, aggressive to the very edge of what was deemed acceptable, arrogant and unrepentent in their victories. One hopes that Lance and his lawyers will outsmart Novitsky and those who are trying to bring him down. Although Lance’s reputation has been ruined (in the minds of some), he will not be stripped of his titles until he has been prosecuted in a court of law for an actual crime. Given Armstrong’s competitive character, everyone involved should expect a fight.

July 17, 2011   Comments Off on Justice?


Ali Krieger, the American right back, plays for Frankfurt and after four years in Germany is now fluent in German. What did she have tattooed on her left forearm? Why, “Liebe,” of course.

July 14, 2011   Comments Off on Liebe


The once proud orchid
Hangs on the stalk drained of life
Like a sick spider.

July 14, 2011   Comments Off on 348