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Posts from — May 2012

You may go…

On my walk through the state park (Fort Snelling) today, I encountered several teachers and a group of young students all speaking German. To say the least, I was surprised. I turned and asked, “Deutschen?” The lead woman looked past me and said to a wayward student, “Bleib stehen,” and then turned to me and said, “Sie darfen gehen.” I laughed. She, of course, thought it was funny too. It turned out they were from the German immersion school in St. Paul.

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View from My Window

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Holy Shit…It’s So Liberating

In my entire lifetime, I have never once turned the other cheek. Because I was a sensitive, mousey boy, my parents took it upon themselves to toughen me up and they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. As a consequence, I don’t take shit from anyone.

But, oddly, I did today. What in hell is going on?

A neighbor walked toward my car as I was exiting my garage. In deference to his having the right-of-way, I waited for him. When he was a few yards from me, he glared with thinly disguished contempt and made no attempt to acknowledge me. In essence, he was saying, I’m cutting you dead. This didn’t surprise me. He’s part of the clique of people that run the neighborhood. I don’t comingle. My strategy has been to ignore them, though one does pay the price with unplanned chance encounters such as this one.

Without knowing what I was doing—was I channeling Gandhi? have I been doing too much yoga?—I raised my hands and put them together in the universal symbol of peace. My lips moved and I found myself repeating the word, “Namaste.”

This had no effect on him—he walked away—but it certainly did on me. I had spontaneously returned love for hatred. I had never once done this before in my life. Holy shit. It’s so liberating.

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Who Is Ellen Parr?

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”

–Ellen Parr

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