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I’m rereading the Upanishads, Eknath Easwaran’s translation, which I quite like.

As with most religions, its philosophy can be summed up in a few simple sentences: (1) Find an enlightened teacher (one can only learn from One who knows), (2) Practice one-pointed meditation along with the abnegation of senses and the ego, and (3) When the time is right, your Teacher will confer enlightenment upon you. The result is pretty astonishing, because when you become one with Self—the first cause and underlying, unifying, undifferentiated consciousness of the universe—you will escape death by not having to be reborn in another lifetime. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

It’s far from easy, however.

There are thousands of teachers out there, most of them false, and in stopping your senses and destroying your ego through meditation, you are more likely to go mad than become enlightened. Which, of course, is very, very funny.

In my case, there’s no doubt I’m heading for another incarnation. In my next lifetime, I can see myself picking up another copy of the Upanishads and having another go at it. That is, if I don’t find myself reincarnated as a toad.