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BroadLeaf Press

My little publishing company, BroadLeaf Press, is now defunct. Well, not entirely. I can still publish anything I want under the BroadLeaf name. To be more precise, my domain is now extinct, Hey, why not go out and register it? You can become wealthy overnight.


If you want to publish stuff yourself, I’ll share my secrets with you. It’s easy.

  1. Get ISBN numbers from someone like Bowker.
  2. Use a good word processing program to create your text. I like FrameMaker because it’s easy to use and produces pristine pdf’s for my printer (not the one next to me computer).
  3. When you’ve got everything the way you want it, apply for a Library of Congress number.
  4. With an ISBN and Library of Congress number, you can have someone create a standard barcode. I use a company in Michigan. They will e-mail you the file to use on your cover.
  5. Next, have a professional do your covers. If you mess around with an amateur, your cover will look amateurish.
  6. Establish a relationship with a reputable printer (I like BookMobile), send them the files, and have them print an edition. They’ll give both you and your cover designer a chance to proof everything before they actually print.
  7. Voila! Out comes your book.
  8. Pay them.
  9. Apply for a copyright.

See, it’s easy!