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Category — 365 Haiku


December 3, 2012   Comments Off on Evora


Snow blowing through pines
Ashes sparking in sunlight
Are all that remain.

December 5, 2011   Comments Off on 365


Now that he has died
His lover’s deranged spirit
Seeks rest. Pass me by!

November 29, 2011   Comments Off on 364


The heart’s simple truth
Is a stone gray and smooth
Hidden from sight.

November 6, 2011   Comments Off on 363


Roots emerge from earth
Encircling the tree’s trunk, then
Slowly strangle her.

September 21, 2011   1 Comment


His face a graveyard
Covered with weeds and wild vines
Where a mole dog lives.

September 9, 2011   Comments Off on 361


Humid summer rain
Driven by cool northwest winds
Stuck on the window.

September 6, 2011   Comments Off on 360


It finally rained
Though rainfall without wetness
Water without sound.

August 23, 2011   Comments Off on 359


An old chair worn smooth
By graceless gracing of grace
A butterfly drowned.

August 15, 2011   Comments Off on 358


On the garden path
Grasshoppers flee with each step
Too soon late summer.

August 11, 2011   Comments Off on 357