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Although John Lennon had J. Edgar Hoover on his trail with every intention of deporting him, he never succeeded. Lennon eventually obtained a green card and lived a quiet life in NYC with his wife and son until he was shot at point blank range outside his apartment building in 1980. Although less than perfect as a man, he fought unstintingly for peace and justice in a way few have before or since. He was a kind of flawed and sinning Gandhi with a genius for music.

More than thirty years have passed since his death. Our world is radically different from the one he inhabited. Watching retrospective accounts of his life and listening to his music are difficult for those of us who lived through those times. It is not so much that he died or his death was a tragedy, but that in the post 9-11 world, it means nothing. The conservatives have won in a way no one could have imagined. Today John Lennon would be deported in less than a day and never allowed to return.

Denys Arcand in his film Les Invasions barbares makes the case (in dramatic terms) that 9-11 marks the end of civilization in the United States and the West. He compares it to the invasion of the barbarians. Interestingly, he does not say exactly who the barbarians are.

Which brings me to Dr. Steven Jones, a Galileo like figure, who noticed there was something wrong with the collapse of WTC7. It seemed to fall as fast as a baseball dropped from the same height. In order words, at free fall speed. Unfortunately for him, he was a trained physicist and began to wonder how a 47-story skyscraper could totally collapse into its own footprint in 6.5 seconds. His hypothesis was not one his minders at BYU liked, and they got rid of him. It’s not one anyone likes, really, because it could lead to a re-revision of history that would put John Lennon back in the space he occupied before the world was turned on its head.

But, nevermind. Let’s just ignore what is obvious to our eyes and believe what we’re told. It’s much simpler that way.