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A Somewhat Gentle Man (En ganske snill mann)

Judging by the spate of Norwegian films I’ve seen recently, one could easily imagine that modern Norwegians are basically low-lifes addicted to weed with demented senses of humor. In film they come across as lobotomized rednecks with undecipherable accents. Like characters from a Samual Beckett play. Being descended from Norwegians myself, I have no trouble seeing this, but I somehow doubt it’s true. There must be one sophisticated, educated Norwegian out there. But where?

En ganske snill mann is another example of this meme. It stars Stellan Skarsgård as an ex-con wafting through life doing what comes naturally to him—having sex with any woman who offers, half-heartedly going along with a plan to kill a snitch for his former boss, speaking only when spoken to, eyeing the world as if it were a deformed melon—until he finds his son and love, in that order. In the end our hero rises above it all, but not before we’ve laughed ourselves silly.

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1 Angela { 05.09.11 at 10:42 am }

My niece has a boyfriend that fits the description. Very pleasant and good-looking as well