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Fair Game

Ever wondered what it would be like to see Sean Penn impersonating Joe Wilson, the suave and wonderfully composed husband of Valerie Plame. It might seem like a stretch for Penn, but it is not. Just pick up a copy of Fair Game and see for yourself. Penn’s performance is a gem, as is that of Naomi Watts, in what is a well researched and essentially accurate portrait of the Plame affair. It’s nice to see the whole thing unfold as a continuous narrative, rather than read it as a series of newspaper articles. The film sticks to the facts, with no extemporizing or explaining, but these are more than adequate to condemn the archdemon of the Bush years, Dick Cheney, all over again. I sometimes wonder whether Cheney was crazy enough at times to believe his own fabrications, as Karl Rove seems to have been. What a dark and dismal period it was. We were truly ruled by mad men.

Thank god we survived them. Or have we?