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Radio On

Dann sind wir Helden nur diesen Tag (the line from the David Bowie song) just about sums it up: heroes for just one day. The end of a decade. The dream dead and long forgotten. Especially in England where Margaret Thatcher had recently taken office and begun systematically gutting British society. Gorgeously shot in black and white by Wim Wender’s cameraman in a slow dreamy mood reminiscent of the 40’s, but, ultimately, signifying nothing, Radio On captures the first wave of digital tyranny that would rob us of our lives. It is an important film because it helps us remember (those born before the 70’s) what it was like to have minds not solely formed by the media. Think I’m kidding? Look around you. See the mechanical droids incessantly checking their cell phones. Observe college students with attention spans of less than a minute trying to listen to a lecture. Watch the brain-dead trolls slumped in their chairs gaping at television sets from morning to night. Yeah, the film is boring, but then so is much of life. OMG, I’m having a panic attack. OMG. Maybe it’s a litmus test to separate the zombie wankers from the rest of us. OMG! OMG!