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No Longer Infallible

It’s obvious to anyone who follows football that Sir Alex, in his hubris, has finally caused Man U to implode. You can’t blame this on the American owners or the players. It is Ferguson himself who must accept responsibility for continuing with a roster and staff who were not up to competing with Arsenal or a resurgent Chelsea and Liverpool. That he managed to leverage his players this long and this far is a measure of his genius, but it would have been better had he taken a more objective view of the competition.

It’s not a bad way to end things. Let’s hope he does. His antics this year are not unlike those of a mad King Lear blinded by his own sense of self-importance. To me, withdrawing players from the club who sacked his son as manager was the low point and showed how terrifyingly petty he can be.

You are not infallible, Sir Alex. You no longer make purses out of sows’ ears. You’ll be lucky to finish in the top four. Get used to it.