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Is it really possible?

Lance rode a very fast Prologue yesterday, bettering Contador’s time, and, of course, stayed in contention today. The experts who watched the time trial said he seemed more comfortable than last year. What is one to make of this? Is Armstrong really capable of competing with the leaders in this year’s Tour? Given his age (he will be 39 in September) and everything that has happened to him (accused basically of being the worst doper in history), I find this hard to believe. This is a man who has pushed his body to the limit for ten years. Where does he find the mental strength?

There are normal people—like you and I—there are champions, and then there are those who possess physical and mental skills that make them stand even above the champions. Lance Armstrong is one of these. No matter what you think of him, he is one of the greatest athletes who has ever lived.

I’m still not yet ready to believe he will be there in the end. It’s too improbable, too unlikely, but I must say I’m beginning to wonder. It seems as if nothing can stop this man when he sets his mind on something.