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Keeping the Faith

It was interesting to see the well-traveled Robbie Keane (six clubs in almost as many years) join Celtic on loan yesterday during the last few hours of the transfer window. Keane had gone from being undervalued to overvalued to underused and undervalued again. I suppose this is natural if you don’t produce as a striker. With big money comes big expectations. You’re expected to score under any and all conditions, regardless of the supporting cast or the pattern of play laid down by the manager. It’s too bad, really. Keane had such a wonderful record with Berbatov at Spurs. Unfortunately, neither have done particularly well without the other.

It just goes to show that a large part of success is being in the right spot at the right time. Of course, the opposite is true, as well.

Take one of our local principals who had the temerity to defend a program for Hispanics to a board member who opposed it. The board member accused the principal, who is one of the best in the city, of racism and then got the school board to spend an entire year trying to find something they could use to destroy him—an inappropriate hug, potential racist comments of friends, making mistakes with his budget—but could find nothing. He was clean. Perfect. As pristine as any human could be. The principal now says he’s learned his lesson. Keep your mouth shut and do whatever authority tells you.

Is it really okay to harass one of your best principals because he insists on ethnic diversity and then label him a racist?

The thing that ties this guy to Robbie Keane is that they are both (were in the case of this principal) passionate about their jobs. Keane received a rousing welcome at midnight in Glasgow. It was the same for the principal. Most of the parents stood behind him as the school board attempted to destroy him. There were even public rallies in which hundreds attended. In the end it made no difference. The nail was driven down until it was level with the others.

Score important goals, Robbie. We need to keep the faith right now. (No pun intended!)