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Round Four

The Wall Street Journal had a three-page spread on the Lance Armstrong-Floyd Landis debacle in today’s Weekend Edition. It was basically a hit piece designed to denigrate Armstrong on the day he begins riding his last Tour. (Hey, what else would you expect from the ultra conservative Journal?) The article contained all of Landis’s previous accusations, plus a few others for good measure. There is a verisimilitude about them that makes for interesting reading, like stopping the team bus along an alpine road to perform transfusions. I personally have no doubt that Landis is telling the truth and the accusations are true. But I don’t care in the least. Armstrong did what every other top rider did. It was the only way to compete.

I do wish Landis was doing this to clean up the sport, but he is not. The sport is about as clean as it can get at this point. The testers have gotten more sophisticated and catch the obvious cheaters. What Landis really wants is revenge. His sole aim is to bring down Armstrong, tarnish his victories, and reduce him to what Landis has become himself—a guy living in an isolated cabin at the end of a dirt road several miles from L.A. It is disgusting stuff.