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Tony Bouza

2.jpgOne of my all-time favorite people is Tony Bouza, whom I run into now and then at my local coffee shop. Tony, as you may remember, was a former police chief for the city of Minneapolis. Of course, Tony doesn’t know me from Adam, but I always say hi and shake his hand. Today, I suggested that someone should write his biography. (Of course, I didn’t say that I should be the one to do this, but I’ve sometimes thought about it.) Tony looked at me and said that a biography about his life “would keep people up at night” and might give some insight into how things actually work. I said, “Naw,” and he laughed. It made me think, though. When did intellectual curiosity die? Has it now become politically incorrect to be curious about how our government works? I wonder what Tony would say? I’ll have to ask him the next time I see him.

By the way, you can catch Tony doing his thing on YouTube.