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Tyler Hamilton

Justice is selective in the United States, especially at the national level. No one is prosecuted for a crime these days except for political reasons. Why, then, is Lance Armstrong being publicly excoriated? Certainly, not because he is guilty of taking performance enhancing drugs. That’s an open secret. All the major riders of the last two decades used drugs.

The lastest rider to testify against Armstrong is Tyler Hamilton, a teammate, who recently went public on 60 Minutes. I’m sure Hamiliton is telling the truth. There is no doubt Armstrong cheated. He could not have been competitive otherwise. Naturally, Hamilton has been granted immunity for his testimony. It was that or jail time.

Unfortunately, Jeff Novitzky—who heads the grand jury investigating Armstrong—will have his way in the end, and Lance will be stripped of his Tour de France titles. But why? What important person or persons did Lance piss off so badly they needed to destroy him? Who does it benefit?

May 23, 2011   Comments Off on Tyler Hamilton

End Game

Why is our friend Jeff Novitzky in France talking with French cycling officials? Because he’s desperate and needs more information? I doubt it.

One must not assume that Novitzky’s case is weak at this point and that he’s thrashing around for something that will stick, but, rather, he is looking for facts that will underpin the eyewitness testimony he has already obtained. The man has an ulterior motive as well.

Novitzky will never create a case that will convince an American jury of Armstrong’s guilt, especially if it revolves around knowingly defrauding his employers by taking performance enhancing drugs. What Novitzky will succeed in doing, however, is knocking down the house of cards on which Armstrong’s reputation is based. He will do this by convincing the French—who really need no convincing, only facts—that they should nullify Lance’s Tour de France victories.

Wait, just wait, for the guillotine to fall.

November 18, 2010   Comments Off on End Game

Who Is Jeff Novitzky?

Jeff Novitzky, now a special agent of the Food and Drug Administration, was responsible for exposing the use of steroids in baseball, bringing down several famous players in the process. He is now trying to do the same to Lance Armstrong. Judging by his performances in the cases of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons, where he literally dug through garbage to find evidence, he will stop at nothing to do so. He doesn’t tape interviews, it is said, but takes written notes, and sometimes has a different memory of an accused’s statements than the accused himself. He’s an interesting character to say the least.

From the news accounts in the press, it seems that Novitzky is trying to prove that Armstrong took drugs with the intention of defrauding his sponsor, U. S. Postal. That is, Lance Armstrong boosted his performance to create larger profits for Tailwind Sports, the group that managed the team, of which Novitzky alleges Armstrong was an owner. Of course, Novitzky has Floyd Landis’s testimony in the bag and reputedly, that of two other former U. S. Postal riders. His problem is that he can’t bust Armstrong for drug use, as he did with Bonds and Clemons, so he has to prove fraud.

There is no doubt that Lance is worried. Before Stage 10, he denied being an owner of Tailwind Sports (though he seems to have taken an ownership stake after the U. S. Postal sponsorship ended in 2004). Novitzky’s case will be difficult to prove. The logic is strained: Lance took drugs to create larger profits for himself as a principal of Tailwind Sports with the specific intent of defrauding his sponsor, U. S. Postal.

But the investigator has an ulterior motive. If he can force Lance Armstrong into a court of law, Novitzky will provide enough damning evidence and witnesses to ruin Armstrong forever. Of course, this would compel Christian Prudhomme, the general director of the Tour de France, to strip Lance of his seven titles. Not a happy ending for such a great champion.

I would not bet against Jeff Novitzky. He seems to be a man obsessed with becoming the answer to the trivia question, Who brought down Barry Bonds, Roger Clemons, and Lance Armstrong?

July 15, 2010   Comments Off on Who Is Jeff Novitzky?