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City Park and Zoo

Thatcher Monument

Today I walked to City Park and the Zoo. It was farther than I imagined, but since Denver was having 70 degree temperatures, the walk was pleasant enough. The park is very flat and plain, though it contains two lakes, the natural history museum, a golf course, and the zoo. The first thing I encountered was the Thatcher monument, an 18-foot figure representing the state of Colorado, surrounded by the virtues of loyalty, learning, and love. The allegory seems quaint today, though I’m sure Thatcher’s gift was well received in 1918 when it was made. Not far from the monument is Ferril Lake, a round, manufactured body of water, where some guy offered to take my picture with the museum in the background. I told him I appreciated the offer but the last thing I wanted was a picture of myself, and he seemed to understand. Next, I checked out Duck Lake, which true to its name was home for ducks and two species of geese. Finally, I walked about a mile to the entrance of the zoo, but quickly had doubts about whether I wanted to go inside. The parking ramp and adjacent lots were full of cars and yellow school buses. Every young woman in Denver seemed to have chosen this day to bring her toddlers to see the sights at the zoo. So, instead, I caught a bus downtown, stopped at my local Mexican diner, and had a burrito so big it would give a normal man a heart attack.

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1 Angela { 11.06.09 at 4:25 am }

Thank heaven for those not normal!