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Ghost Dog

Brian (our redoubtable bus driver and passionate lover of films) and I debated the relative merits of Jim Jarmusch’s Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai on our trip to Dublin. Tongue in cheek, Brian said that he and his brother recommend it to all of their friends, trying to get them to waste their money by renting it. He seemed to think that nothing happened in it. I, of course, loved the film, and couldn’t believe he was saying such unforgivable things about a great movie. Anything directed by Jarmusch and starring Forest Whitaker would have to be good. When I mentioned that I had eagerly awaited its availability and then had seen it four times, Brian looked at me as if I might be pulling his leg. But, of course, Americans see the world in black and white and don’t have senses of humor, so he wasn’t sure. Then, I told him there was another great film by Jarmusch, starring Johnny Depp which he ought to see, Dead Man, an action-packed western that was not to be missed. He said he liked Depp and looked as if he might be tempted. I can only hope he’s rented it so we can discuss it when next we meet.