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Hutna Kura

Busloads of tourists, many of them Czech, visit the Sedlec Ossuary (better known as the Bone Church) in this small city in Bohemia about 45 miles east of Prague. The church is a small dugout space filled with piles of skulls, a coat of arms made of bones, and even a bone chandelier. It was dank and dark down there, and when filled with milling tourists, it reminded me of the Keller in the Schloss in Germany where I studied German and where we drank and danced the night away to the Rolling Stones. Nearby is the Cathedral of Our Lady and on the hill above the town is St. Barbara’s Church. It was fun getting there by train, since we made it with a minute to spare, and fun getting back, since we happened upon the trunk line and hopped aboard (without tickets)–also with a minute to spare–and then took the real train back to Prague in the company of a couple from Leeds. At first, I couldn’t figure out what language their were speaking, but when I did, I broke the ice with, “So you speak English when you want others to understand you.” Turned out she had been dying to see the Bone Church since she was a girl and was a bit of a dominatrix for at one point she gave her husband a meaningful stare and said, “Things work out when he does what he’s told.” He didn’t bat an eyelash.