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On the Way to Moab (Lincoln, NB)

Lincoln, Nebraska is a pleasant spot to while away a few hours on the way to somewhere else. There you can spot an old farmer delivering boxes of eggs from his battered pickup to an organic vegetarian restaurant, follow an overdeveloped Husker football player as he hulks along the sidewalk, chat with the friendly proprietor of a licorice shop as you sample each of her wares, have a meal at one of the trendy, upscale restaurants in the restored Haymarket District, or see an exhibition of first class paintings, such as those of Larry Roots, at the Modern Arts Midwest exhibition space on the upper floor of the building next to The Loft at The Mill. One is always temped to put down Midwesterners for their lack of taste, but it would be mistake to do so. Lincoln is as cosmopolitan and pleasant a place as Calgury or Freiberg.