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Yes, even Prague has chains. The one I like best is Pizzeria Grosseto. They even have a restaurant in a large barge-like ship on the Vlatava. Our local in Vinohrady featured authentic wood-fired pizzas, creative salads, and plentiful amounts of relatively inexpensive Chardonnay. I recommend the carpaccio pizza. It may seem like a contradiction in terms, since the carpaccio is hardly rare after being fired in an oven, but the thin pieces of meat are wonderfully garlic-infused, making the pizza delectable. In my mind, it was the best pizza ever, better than New York, Chicago, or Napoli. Which reminds me. The Czech white wines are superb. We had Chardonnays, a Veltliener, and something very special, Palavas from Moravia. The best Palava I tasted was the one produced by Chateau Valtice. It reminded me of an Oregon Pinot gris but with a slightly resinous mineral quality that extended into the soft Prague nights.