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For two days I’ve been the only person in my yoga class. Maybe it’s the close attention I’ve gotten—not sure—but it was obvious both days that much of my resistance and physical pain were actually my ego’s attempts to protect itself. It wasn’t physical at all. In truth, most of our irrational fears are the ego’s defenses against being known for what it is—nothing, nada, mu. More than anything, yoga is a unique way of dissolving ego through physical practice. I told my instructor that it felt like the old Christian notion of redemption through grace. Quite amazing that it could be so simple. Bless the gods and my yoga instructors. Namaste.

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1 Margaret { 03.21.12 at 8:51 pm }

Thanks for the kind words about your yoga instructors,Steve. Yes, it is believed in yoga that the physical body is just one layer of the self and beneath are deeper layers before the fifth final layer- the “soul”. This layer you describe in this entry is the third layer deep or the “mano maya kosha”. But, you probably know that stuff. I have found those flickers of understanding during practice come and go. I’ll be curious to hear if you continue to have this feeling.